2016 SlamMN! Erotica Tournament

2016 SlamMN! Erotica Tournament

Come and join us at Kieran’s for Erotica Slam 2016! Kieran’s has been sponsoring the event for over 20 years, and it has become so popular it has turned into a 3 day event! For more info and to purchase tickets for the Twin Cities most unique and naughty Valentine’s celebration click here.

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  1. Good Morning ! !

    It WAS in Feb. St. Valentines Day. So what was the Tournament. What do you do for this? There is no details here. So maybe next year this would be fun. What are the Events, what is actually done for This on Valentines day? Is it the same each year? Thank You ! ! Marcy

    • Hello Marcy, The Erotica Slam Tournament is a 3 day event where we have erotic themed competitive poetry. It is always right around the weekend closest to Valentines Day. For more information visit http://www.wordsprout.org/. They put on the tournament every year. Thanks!